A new social network that takes all of the things you hate about Facebook and... well.... doesn't do those things! DiscoKitty.com promises:
  1. We're all about creating a social tool for the users, not for making big money!
  2. We'll never automatically change your privacy settings
  3. We'll never make a change to the site and FORCE you to use it. The site will be modular. If we make changes, you'll have the option to add the module if you want it.
  4. We'll never assume you want a module and add it to your site without your permission
  5. We'll never sell your personal information
  6. No annoying check-in notifications
  7. No stupid automatic notifications about some achievement you made in a game no one cares about
  8. Your privacy is our #1 concern!
  9. If we ever sell ad space, it will only be for the purpose of offsetting the costs associated with running a site like this. You'll only ever see one ad banner on the page at any given time. We hate sites that look like Las Vegas!
  10. We may get a mobile app... but NO plug-ins with other sites. I don't want to know what web site you're looking at, what song you are listening to, or what movie you are watching... and neither does anyone else!
  11. Family friendly: Anti-bullying technology will eliminate cyber-bullying
  12. Advanced search criteria makes finding friends easier
  13. Links that make sense = easier to find what you're looking for